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The lagoon is also your sports ground!  

Dollygrace is an imposing vessel, it is capable of transporting your equipment well secured in complete safety during a catamaran rental. 

New Caledonia is above all a tremendous diversity of fauna and flora.

Embark your kite equipment, diving, your drone, your Go pro etc.

and we take you to remote places!  




We take you to the most beautiful spots in New Caledonia! 

Imagine yourself surfing at the edge of one of the most beautiful reefs! We will change spot   every day while trying to line up. Our fishing will be tasted once arrived at the new spot.  

The boat will have enough to recharge the batteries of your digital devices. 

Incredible images guaranteed! 

Contact us to refine the route, agree the date and receive a quote.



If you want to dive in a particular place, no problem, we'll take you there! Otherwise, trust us, we know some beautiful places where you can see the fauna and flora in all its colors. 

Diving on a wreck or along the wall of a reef are 2 different experiences but they are equally impressive. 


Please note: this offer must be organized by a diving instructor and you must contact us in advance for availability.

Contact us to refine the route, agree the date and receive a quote.

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