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Our South Lagoon Cruises


We do not offer a simple cruise, with Dollygrace, quality and service are at the rendezvous.

We know that your time is an essential parameter that we must take into account.

We have developed these cruises with all our experience to be able to show you as much as possible

in a minimum of time.

We offer you a nice overview of this hidden paradise, the lagoon of New Caledonia is protected by many fish reserves where you can snorkel.

Depending on the weather, we could modify our established navigation program in order to guarantee you a comfortable cruise in complete safety.

You can discover the Iles des Pins over 5 days of travel.

Do not hesitate to ask us for more information.

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The islets of the southern lagoon
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In the little coves hidden from view

Lovers of small spaces hidden from view will also be satisfied as the small coves and accessible beaches, to those looking for them, are also present in the four corners of New Caledonia. To the west where the small bays of Turtles or Lovers keep a mysterious atmosphere.

To the east, along the Forgotten Coast, mainly accessible by boat. But also in the southern lagoon, at the 5 islands, where an archipelago of virgin islands follows one another. Without forgetting the Isle of Pines   where long bays alternate with small coves. 


The offshore beaches

Beaches are everywhere, even in the middle of the lagoon. Off all the municipalities, many islets are accessible during a  sea trip.

And some of them are barely frequented and are the promise of long afternoons in Robinson Crusoe, far from the pangs of the city.

We are careful all the same not to enter certain forbidden islets, sanctuaries of endangered fauna and flora and left to the sole good care of nature. 

Get 5% off ship rental for cruises of less than 4 days when booking 30 days or more in advance.

The carriage is 11 people maximum, 8 adults and 3 children in comfort formula.

Our rates are all inclusive , taxes, cleaning, consumables package,  forfait diesel   (to the benefit of the customer) organic shower, organic hand soap, organic dishwashing liquid, sponges, toilet paper, "Dollygrace" embroidered bath towels and quality bedding are included in our rates.

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