Our cruises
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Dear Customer, we know that your time is an essential parameter that we must take into account.
We have developed these cruises with all our experience to be able to show you as much as possible in a minimum of time.
We offer you a nice overview of the hidden paradise, the lagoon of New Caledonia is protected by many fish reserves where you can go snorkeling.


Depending on the weather, and the number of rental days we are committed to make you experience an incredible sailing experience in New Caledonia.


We will take you to visit the lighthouse of Amédée to admire the magnificent panoramic view, the “brave” can climb the 247 steps of the beautiful cast iron staircase that leads to the summit.
Ouen Island which attracts many humpback whale observers every year. (The observations are made between July and September.)
Ilot Mato is located in the southern part of the largest lagoon of coral reefs in the world.
There is a small trail leading to the top of the island 40 meters high giving a breathtaking view of the coral reefs.
The island of Kouaré is located south of Grande Terre (main island of New Caledonia). It is a nesting place for turtles.
The 5 islands are a group of islands as beautiful as the others or the fauna and flora are extremely developed.
We do not show the pine islands that can be visited with a cruise of a minimum of 5 days


You can discover the loyal islands on a trip of 10 to 15 days.


Please contact us for more information